Phone Jack, 2016
A sculpture for not networking.

Download the PDF, cut, fold, leave around studio spaces where you are engaging in other de-funct technological activities and/or questionably "productive" work.  Stay in touch by emailing me (  a photo for the archive.  


This project is a part of GHOST, a new project by Printeresting.  GHOST is a series of collaborative projects that will take place not just online, but in the real world with  thematic guideposts that include: trace, echo, residue, evidence, artifact, history, nostalgia, witness, memory, invisibility, vanishing, mystery, death, memento mori, afterlife, etc. 


Step by Step

Phone Jacks in the Wild

photo 2.JPG

Paper Orange Peel. 2015
A sculpture for littering.

Download the PDF, cut, fold and build the peel, leave around the town.  

Share your sculpture via instagram! #iminyeh #orangepeel